1. Cai Guo Qiang’s exploding cars

    Now that I have said all the pluses about the new Seattle Art Museum, I have to address the exploding cars. The installation by Cai Guo Qiang suspends nine white Ford Taurus ( tauri?), from the ceiling of the entrance hall ( that tells you how big it is). My first thought wassuicide bomberslong taut […]

  2. New York Artists Against the War Action a Success!

    New York Artists Against the War did a major infiltration of the government office buildings and a banner drop of these two banners statements you see on the banners. This is how they described it on the scene “the action went well!!! wedneday petitions delivered to entire senate and1/3 of the house (some were confiscated […]

  3. The New Seattle Art Museum Spring 2007!

    The new Seattle Art Museum has been expanded to 268,000 square feet. They have the option to expand into another seven stories of the Washington Mutual Tower after ten years, or they can incrementally expand through the addition stories which will bring the total of square footage eventually to 450,000!! The museum is a success […]

  4. A scarey situation for a graffitti artist

    This came to me from another website. It is a trully frightening story. My name is Alain MaridueƱa. Many of you know me by my professionalname, Alan Ket, or just Ket.As some of you may have heard, I wasrecently arrested and charged with numerous criminal chargesrelated to graffiti. What is different about mycase is that […]

  5. Feminism 2007

    Feminist Art 2007 A Political Analysis Let us look at the two new feminist exhibitions WACK at the LA County Museum of Art and Global Feminisms at the Brooklyn Museum. To a certain extent the covers of the two catalogs tells us everything that we need to know. On one cover is a detail of […]