1. Memorial Day

    Memorial Day 2007We can remember it for the dreadful passageof yet another appropriations bill by the spineless Congress.- 98 Billion to continue the war, to continue to provide “military training for the Iraqis to defend themselves” and to “support out trips.” In other words to pour more money into the hands of the corporations and […]

  2. Online vs in the street a debate on activism

    I am having an ongoing debate with my thirty something daughter about street activism vs internet activism. I tend to dismiss people who just sit at computers all day as not “real” activists”. She claims that “internet activism is *equally* important, and that if you focus more time on one type of activism but not […]

  3. Iraq in Fragments and Orientalism

    Independent films can be racist without realizing it, much like racism in a place like Seattle in general. The film Iraq in Fragments, made by Seattle filmmaker James Langley presents a classic liberal view of a racialized, impoverished, fanatic, backward, “other.” The focus on impoverished “primitive” families reinforces prejudice about life outside the United States […]

  4. Artists Against the War

    Artists against the War, New York City in collaboration with other groups, handed out a petition for impeachment and supporting documents. It was designed as a tabloid newspaper and delivered to every congressional office. This is a brilliant direct action in the halls of power as Congress is wimpering and whining and unable to really […]

  5. Selma Waldman’s Black Book of Aggressors

    Selma Waldman “Lust for power and territory is the same lust that kills man, women, children and the land itself” Selma Waldman No artist has more consistently addressed the subject of inhumanity and its relationship to power than Selma Waldman. Waldman’s entire life and art have been dedicated to the representation of war, capitalism, in […]