1. James W. Washington, Jr. Creativity as a path to freedom

    This sculpture by James W. Washington, Jr, The Chaotic Half, was made in 1945, long before the so-called era of Civil Rights in the 1960s. I say so called because African- Americans had been fighting for their Civil Rights ever since they arrived on Slave ships. Washington made this sculpture one year after he moved […]

  2. "Stuff Happens" David Hare

    Last night I saw the new David Hare play about the Bush administration march to the Iraq war. It was terrific.Even though we knew the whole story, we were still sitting on the edge of our seats with the tension and stupidity, arrogance, malice, and ignorance of the whole thing. Colin Powell was the central […]

  3. Shahram Karimi and Shirin Ebadi

    In the 2003 Istanbul Biennial the artist Shahram Karimi showed a work with the title “Traces” which he referred to as presenting the creative people of Iran who participated in the “collective struggle toward modernity.” Painted on rice sacks, he made realistic portraits of 248 intellectuals many of whom are dead or in exile. Beside […]