1. Rashad Selim Iraqi artist in London

    Baghdad Pavement 2006 “I have a sense of devastation within me. The works I have deal with devastation. ” Rashad Selim “Art has to do with debris, breaking up, assymetry, loss of grammar. “ The layers of this collage include both old manuscripts which he has torn up and debris. Rashad is echoing the break […]

  2. Hanaa Malallah

    Hanaa Malallah came out of Iraq in 2006. She has lived nothing but war in Baghdad throughout her career.

  3. Not only possible but also necessary, optimism in the age of global war

    The lengthy title of the 10th Istanbul Biennial suggests Hou Hanru’s desire to address the role of art in the midst of the pressing social concerns of the contemporary moment. To a surprising extent he was successful.There were several reasons for his success. First, he looked at the modern and contemporary history of Turkey, rather […]