1. Iraqi Women by Nadje Sadig Al-Ali

    Since I am on the subject of books. Iraqi Women is another crucial book. The subtitle is “untold stories from 1948 to the Present” . Nadje has interviewed a cross section of women who left Iraq at various times ( some only briefly), provinding one window into the history of Iraqi women since the 1940s, […]

  2. Dahr Jamail’s Beyond the Green Zone Read It

    Dahr Jamail’s book, Beyond the Green Zone Dispatches from an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq, is an essential book to read for anyone who wants to hear another side of the situation in Iraq. What makes it so potent is that he is not aggrandizing himself, he is not reporting the war per se, he […]

  3. Kara Walker

    Kara Walker has really started to talk loudly about miscegenation. Although I have seen her works for years, they always seemed to me to be perpetuating racism rather than countering it, but her recent retrospective as well as her new works, on display at Sikkema Jenkins and Co in Chelsea, are unavoidably challenging. In the […]

  4. Extreme Interiors Olive Ayhens

    Olive Ayhens expressionist nightmares of contemporary life currently on view in New York City at Frederieke Taylor Gallery are tour de force paintings that present us with the chaos of our contemporary world.One recent series represented interiors of computer labs where the wiring has taken off on its own in a nightmare of disorder. At […]