1. Selma Waldman’s Black Book of Aggressors V

    These are only two images from the most recent Wall of Perpetrators by Selma Waldman.The Wall consists of a total of 40 images all drawn on black perforated paper.The intense chalk lines are bearing witness to the atrocity of the torture. The top drawing in red and blue chalk on black paper is Testicles VThe […]

  2. my new website and my new grandson

    www.artandpoliticsnow.com is now online and available for everyone to see!and this is my brand new grandson for everyone to see!Art and Politics has a lot to do with the future of our planet which belongs to this tiny infant and the other children of the world. Let’s make sure we stay on the task of […]

  3. Roger Shimomura Minidoka on my Mind

    Roger Shimomura makes a connection between historical Japanese internment in World War II and historical Japanese art, contemporary art, modern art,