1. A Valentine from New York Artists Against the War

    These two works stand in for any comment that I could make about the absurdity of Valentine’s Day and the marketing of romance in a time of war. Meanwhile people continue to die in Aghfanistan, Iraq, Gaza, the Sudan and Darfur as well as elsewhere.But the US election and the economy is all that appears […]

  2. Valentine’s Day Joan Snyder Blood On Our Hands, USA, 2003

    Joan Snyder Blood on our Hands USA 2003 oil, acrylic, newspaper on board 16 x 16 “Joan Snyder includes a photograph taken in Baghdad shortly after the Shock and Awe campaign of a mother holding her wounded childHere is another work by Joan Snyder, “Boy In Afghanistan”, 1988, 24″ x 30″) about a boy injured […]

  3. The Breach: A play about New Orleans

    This is Kara Walker’s August 27 2007 cover for the New Yorker, made one year after hurricane Katrina and the drowning of New Orleans. It refers to both the event itself, and its aftermath of false hopes, bungling, and outright racist greed for land ( via the tower in the distance) . It is called […]

  4. Athena Tacha’s Dead of Irak 1 drop = 1 dead

    Dead of Irak, 2008foamcore.32 x 32 in.Iraq map and glass microbeads 1/2 mm. diam. each (about 1 million)Close up the separate small red shiny beads jump out at us, we can feel them physically on our skin, crawling on us, as a flow of blood, as a coming tide, it is our flow, the flow […]