1. The Mainstream Art World is Really Far Gone!

    Looking at the dreadful “Redrawing the Art World Women who are expanding the boundaries of how we see, what we see and where we see it” in the March 23 New York Times Magazine, I was reminded of just how corrupted by capitalism the mainstream art world has become. On the cover Muccia Prada in […]

  2. 4000 Americans and thousands and thousands of Iraqis have died in this war

    What is there to say. No picture today. We have no picture of what is going on in Iraq really, just lots of misleading pieces of information, lots of deaths, and lots of money. Here ‘s an example of “news coverage” This is from Navy Lt. Patrick Evans a military spokesperson in response to raids […]

  3. New York Artists Against the War in DC

    The Embedded Blanket of Lies This quilt is a compilation of some of the lies we have heard from the government and the media over the last five years. Many of the lies were taken from this websiteThey have been recorded in plays like David Hare’s “Stuff Happens”, poems, performances, and even in books.The symbolism […]

  4. Beginning the Sixth Year of the Iraq War

    Washington DCMarch 19The Dead Marched in front of Blackwateron the National Mall , near the White House, and around the city. Each Marcher wore the name of a person who had died in Iraq. They were silent and haunting. This is the simple, but effective statement that brings home the reality more than any slogan.The […]

  5. Controversy at the Northwest African American Museum

    When Kwame Garrett and his friends intervened at the opening of the NAAM, they declared that the museum was a “Sham” . The reason is that they felt that the programs planned by the museum did not reach out to the youth who were vulnerable and dying in the street because of police brutality. The […]

  6. Inside the Northwest African American Museum

    One of the featured artist is James W. Washington, Jr. painter and sculptor, born in Gloster Mississippi in deep Jim Crow, moved to Seattle in 1944 to become a successful artist. Here is the symbolic portrait of Mark Tobey with whom he studied for a few years in the 1940s. The James Washington Foundation put […]

  7. Northwest African American Museum Opens in Seattle!

    Hundreds of People Turned Out for the Grand Opening of the Northwest African American Museum After so many years this was a landmark event. It began with eight years of sit ins by Wyking Kwame Garrett, his father and many other activists who saved the building from demolition at the time of the construction of […]

  8. The College Art Association honors Chicana Artists, Yoko Ono, and Donny George

    This was the year of Chicana art at the College Art Association! A formidable array of outstanding Chicana artists and one Chicano posed for this photograph at a special ceremony where many received awards. Front row left is Benito Heurto, who gave the award to Celia Munoz, ( in white on the right end of […]