1. Oscar Munoz at INIVA in London

    Aliento 1996Grease photoserigraphs on steel disks Oscar Munoz is from Colombia. He speaks of the fact that violence has permeated all aspects of life for many many years in Colombia. He contrasts that to Chile, Argentina and Brazil in which people disappeared in a fixed period of military dictatorship. In Colombia it goes on and […]

  2. Selma’s House

    These two photographs give a slight indication of the density of Selma Waldman’s life and art. One image from her living room includes a photograph of the Parthenon with soldiers in front of it from the time of the military dictatorship in Greece. It is embedded in books, fabrics, ceramics, vases. In the other photograph, […]

  3. Selma Waldman 2-23 31 – 4-16 2008

    I have been unable to write on my blog for almost a month because my dear friend and wonderful artist died on April 16. Selma is on the right at this anti Iraq war demonstration in Seattle from 2004. It tells us that she was an artist and an activist, she lived what she believed […]