1. LERT Living Engaged Radical Theater!

    Last night we saw three short plays performed for free in a courtyard of an apartment building.“Eight To One,” was the first production by LERT, Living Engaged Radical TheaterIt was inspired by the Winter Soldiers Iraq Veterans Against the War event in Seattle on May 31.Artistic director of LERT Andrew Perez, and a group of […]

  2. Robert Morris and Lorna Jordan Land Art in the last century

    Robert Morris Johnson Tar Pit, 1979 is one of his rare earthworks. Here you see goats eating off encroaching blackberries and maples.Morris resisting making a beautiful place that would let the ruin of the environment off the hook, but he did create a usable park for the now dense development on all sides of it.Dirt […]

  3. "Black Art " An exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum

    The small exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum curated by Sandra Jackson-Dumont includes about twenty artists. Among the well known artists are Jacob Lawrence, Gwen Knight, Kara Walker, Lester Johnson ( an abstract expressionist who included figures), Kerry James Marshall and Lousie Nevelson ! What? Who? Jackson- Dumont is expanding our thinking from black as […]

  4. Orientalism Redux 2

    Last entry on my trip to England, we made another foray into Orientalism by visiting Brighton an example in architecture that long precedes the painters in the Lure of the East (see below)The Royal Pavilion is an extraordinary monument that lays out in its every detail the British perspectives on the rest of the world […]

  5. Orientalism Redux

    This is Captain Colin Mackenzie painted by James Sant in 1842.The portrait is a major work in the Lure of the East Exhibition at the Tate Britain. The exhibition re-examines Orientalist painting, mostly concentrating on nineteenth century painters in the countries around the Mediterranean.But this portrait is of quite a different subject. Captain Colin Mackenzie […]

  6. 9 Scripts From a Nation at War at the Tate Modern

    The Performance of the Combatant Status Review Tribunal at the Tate Modern was based on the online transcripts from the Department of Defense of the tribunals that were invented after the Supreme Court said that Guantanamo prisoners should have some rights. The fraudulent character of the tribunals came across loud and clear in the performance. […]