1. Frank’s Landing

    This is Willie Frank at Frank’s Landing. Messages from Frank’s Landing by Charles Wilkinson tells his story. Willy Frank was first arrested for fishing on his own Nisqually land when he was 14 years old. He led the fight in the Northwest to gain Indian fishing rights. He was arrested many many times but ultimately […]

  2. Global Warming and the Art World

    Well, I have been thinking I need to get onto this subject. It is SOOO much in the news right now.So what do we have to show for the new trend.Really, it is the same artists, the same strategies, the same work, with a new trendy title. There seem to be about three basic approaches: […]

  3. Eco Art Back to the Future

    Rebecca Bray and Britta Rile have a provocative piece written up in the special ecology issue of Art NewsCalled Drink PeeDrinkPeeDrinkPee 2008 ( the title doesn’t quite fit the smartness of the work)it uses urine and light to illuminate what happens to that stuff you flush down the toilet.In their art work it grows algae […]

  4. Olympics Beijing

    The opening show was spectacular, even if the little girl we saw was not the one who sang. What else is new. So the Chinese are no different from Americans – worship perfect beauty and cute in little girls over all else of course.What I want to know is if anyone can tell me if […]

  5. Our Flesh of Flames Theodore A. Harris captions by Amiri Baraka

    Our Flesh of Flames is a must buy, must read, must get on it book. You can buy this book from Anvil Arts PressThe collages are full of specific references to racism, and the corruptions of capitalism. Harris has drawn on events that we all know about, and presented them in a way that tells […]