1. Gaza, MLK and Obama

    Last Saturday hundreds of people turned out to protest the massacre in Gaza. It was really a heavy and sad demonstration, but it was important to be there. We walked around a big double block in downtown Seattle, chanting.The desperate situation of the Palestinians in general is what made it so sad. If you look […]

  2. clowns and laughter

    The all day celebration of the Feast of the Kings meant there were non stop clowns performing in the town square. These are just two groups. Here the man with the red hat.asked people to volunteer to get up on stage and do as he asked them to do. They volunteered to be various animals, […]

  3. Mexico Part III The Yucatan

    I thought it would be a let down to go to the Yucatan after being in the jungle in Chiapas at Palenque and Yaxchilan, but it was also thrilling. Merida, the Spanish capitol, was full of art. It had multiple celebrations going – its 466th birthday, the Feast of the Kings, and its weekly celebration […]

  4. Mexico Part II Jungle Walks and Yaxchilan

    Near Palenque in the jungle is the forgotten temple. We went there with our guide Edgar (here is in the green shirt). It was covered with lichen and crumbling into the jungle. As we sat on the front steps we saw a family of howler monkeys. But what is really evident is that the jungle […]

  5. Mexico Part I Palenque, Chiapas

    Here we are in Palenque in front of the Xibalba Hotel with the owner Marco. Xibalba means underworld in Maya. But this hotel is perfect for the traveler who doesn’t want fancy accomodations, but warm people, good food, and joy. There is nothing underworld about it. My friend Carolyn Tate who is an expert on […]