1. Olive Ayhens new painting

    Olive Ayhens is a wonderful painter and a great artist. This is a new painting called Amphibian Emergency. If you look closely you can see that inside the glass condominiums are frogs, an endangered species. They are disappearing everywhere. They are an essential part of our ecosystem. The condos are popping up everywhere in her […]

  2. Break the Silence Mural Project

     Susan Greene, of Break the Silence Mural Project  (the name is coincidentally similar to, but not connected to,  Breaking the Silence, a project asking Israeli soldiers involved with the war on Palestinians to speak about their experiences) gave a talk in Olympia Washington about Rafah, about bulldozed orange groves in Bil’in, about murals for peace, about people whose entire […]

  3. Image Wars and Zones of Conflict

    Sam Durant moved the detritus of war in front of the US Capitol.  I have not seen artists address the topic of how much trash is generated by war. War trashes everything in its path. People, animals, culture, land, trees, and leaves a big pile of rubbish tht includes a lot of death. Durant’s manipulated […]

  4. Gloria Bornstein Some New Art

    Gloria Bornstein had a small showing of her new work recently. This is what she said about it “The title of the grouping of Rorschach tests and queens is: “you’ve been confirmed as queen”. I heard a voice saying this in a dream. The artworks are part of a series exploring the perceptual gap between […]