1. No More Seattle Post Intelligencer

    I am too sad to say anything much. Our great paper has been done in by the Hearst corporation who wanted to put it online, by lots of people who read it online already, by commuters who drive (nobody has mentioned how using mass transit means you read the newspaper everyday, as I do), by young […]

  2. Coffee Strong GI Coffee House and Counseling

    Coffee Strong is a GI Coffee House near Fort Lewis Military Base between Tacoma and Olympia. It is a place for a good cup of coffee and great conversation about war, resistance, how to know your rights whether you are in the military or not! They gave me a card that documented 51 people who […]

  3. Kentridge Return of Ulyssses Opera

    I have already previewed this amazing work. The full production was absolutely fabulous.How lucky Seattle is that Stephen Stubbs decided to found Pacific Operaworks in Seattle and to bring us this phenomenal performance.The Monteverdi opera is, of course, the story of Ulysses return to Ithaca after all of his adventures where he was waylaid by […]

  4. William Kentridge takes Seattle by storm

    This week we were on the cultural map with a performance by William Kentridge on Monday and an opera by Kentridge on Wednesday.At the Henry Art Gallery, the performance, “I am not me, the horse is not mine”had its North American Debut. Naturally, I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. This is a picture of a […]

  5. Trespassing in Bellingham Washington

    One top image is by John Feoderov Totem Teddies, the bottom is by Tanis S’eilten, Blood for Shares. This exhibition is only up until March 22. It is in the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham Washington. But what a great show. It includes all contemporary Native American art by John Feoderov, Tanis S’eilten ( two friends […]

  6. Garden and Cosmos Seattle Asian Art Museum

    The work just above is Mahraj Bakhat Singh at the Jharokha Window of the Bakhat Mahal, 1735, 37 x 29 inches. You see the Maharaj seated in a window looking down to women who are dancing.The work at the top is Jallandharnath and Princess Padmini Fly over King Padam’s Palace, 1830.29 x 37″ This is […]

  7. Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

    Ok, here is a chestnut. What is wrong with me you might be asking. And there is that cliche in the title of the blog. Well believe it or not, the Yale Art Gallery is loaning some of their stellar works to the Seattle Art Museum and that is the title of the show. These […]

  8. William Kentridge in Seattle

    Take a look at this image. It is pretty extraordinary. This is the work of William Kentridge in collaboration with Hand Spring Puppets and Monteverdi. We went to a press preview with an excerpt on Friday. In the center is Ulysses as a hand carved wooden puppet lying in a hospital bed dying in Johannesburg, […]