1. Iran

    How can we think of anything else right now. The courageous uprising of the people of Iran, across class, religious, and both urban and rural ( although most demonstrations are in Tehran). The youth of Iran led protests in 2003, but now everyone has joined in. Their dignity, commitment, and bravery is formidable. As the […]

  2. Shakespeare’s The Tempest Then and Now

    Ahh how perspectives change and yet trully insightful people all get it right in the first place. Shapekeare’s The Tempest, known as his “American Fable” currently being performed in Seattle by the Seattle Shakespeare Company, presents a contemporary perspective on the play as suggesting forgiveness. Yet this play only a few years ago was recognized […]

  3. Sweet Crude A film about oil exploitation in the Niger Delta

    Sweet Crude a film by Sandy Cioffi confronts us with the human cost for our thirst for oil. Everytime we get in a car, we are part of the problem represented in the movie, the ruthless oppression of the people who live in the Niger Delta, the poisoning of their water, killing of their fish, […]