1. New Grand Baby Eleanor with her mother and her father and her brother Max

    The complete miracle of new life is astounding. This is Eleanor at three hours old. Big brother Max is now 19 months. They seem to be getting along so far.

  2. Vashon’s Gravel Pit: Artists Fight Back

    This is the cover and last image from Ann Leda Shapiro‘s beautiful small book about Vashon Island. She celebrates its natural beauties, its eccentric inhabitants, but she also calls attention to the dreadful gravel quarry on Maury Island. There are efforts to stop its expansion by the new Lands Commissioner, but it is an uphill […]

  3. Seattle art and transportation

    Last week I got out of my monastic isolation and thoroughly enjoyed First Thursday in Seattle. I talked with the folks at Revolution Books first, so I got an injection of hard core politics to set me up for the evening.They have a great show of photographs of the Winter Soldiers by Mike Hastie, not […]

  4. John Feodorov’s Spiritual Ambiguities

    This piece Souls Awaiting a Future from John Feodorov’s recent show “Ambiguities” at South Seattle Community College Nat 18 – June 19, 2009 looks straightforward. The title tells what’s there. But actually, in the context of John Feodorov’s work it is both funny and subtle. The souls lying on the floor flat are wobbly, perhaps […]