1. And a tribute to the Gaza Solidarity marchers

    From 42 countries 1300 people came to honor the nightmare of Gaza and the Egyptian government closed the border at Rafah, the only point into Gaza not controlled by Israel. Some are on hunger strike in Jordan. We are all with them. Last year there were marches all over the world in support of the […]

  2. Honor the Iranians

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9y98r5CVP7UThere are several moving slide shows on You Tube of which I am giving a link to one. The photographer Farhad Rajabali has courageously signed some of his photographs. We see so many different people. It is incredible that Ahmadinejad can attribute their activism to Israel and US who have every reason to keep the […]

  3. The People’s Summit in Seattle and Climate Change in Copenhagen

    Two weeks ago in Seattle there was a group of people who were preparing for Copenhagen – they were looking back to N30 ten years ago in Seattle and looking to the future planning for the planet. Alli Chagi -Starr told us about her Art and Revolution Another World is Possible Road Show that promoted […]