1. Radical Printmaking in the Bay Area

    The Great Tortialla Conspiracy. Prints on Tortillas. Here they are cooking at the opening. And you can see they are anti war tortillas Christina Empedocles made this amazing tree out of birds. The detail is below Enrico Chagoya wove this rug. THe Electric Works, Collaboration: anti war slot machine Enrique Chagoya If you look hard […]

  2. Black History Month in Seattle II City Hall

    This is the sculpture of Roosevelt Lewis who is featured in City Hall with sculptures and paintings in the main lobby. Roosevelt Lewis is a Seattle artist with roots in the Black, Creole, and Cajun people of Louisiana, a place near the Cane River of intensely mixed cultures. This piece is called Do No More […]

  3. Black History Month in the Seattle Art Scene

    The Ethnic Art Gallery in the Seattle Municipal Tower is on the third floor. It exists thanks to the hard work of a group of dedicated city employees. Esther Ervin curated the exhibition for Black History Month called Interpreting the Black Journey Eight Viewpoints. These are two of her works that were not in the […]

  4. Sanctions, Divestment to End the Israeli Occupation

    That is eighty year old Judith Kolokoff next to me at what we called an informational demonstration at Trader Joe’s. We are nationwide and internationally joining people who are calling for divestment of Israeli investments and sanctions against Israeli products. Trader Joe’s carries cheese made on a farm that was land taken from Palestinians. It […]

  5. Liana Badr Eye of the Mirror

    This will be a short but heartfelt post about Liana Badr’s The Eye of the Mirror, a book in the Arab Women Writers series. It was published in 1991 and has just appeared in English. Badr spent seven years interviewing survivors of the massacre at the Tal el-Zaater ( or Tal Ezza’tar) Palestinian refugee camp. […]