1. Plum Blossoms in the Spring Pure Poetry

    This is my springtime celebration. I stood under our plum tree and photographed it. I felt the sheer beauty of the tree, its blossoms, its unpredictable branches and  I understood why gnenerations of artists in Japan and China have painted this subject. In the midst of our war filled planet, and my militarized country,  I […]

  2. The William Kentridge Moment in New York CIty

    I was privileged to be there, during what was referred to as the “William Kentridge moment” in New York City. It combined his major exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, “Five Themes”, a lecture at the New York Public Library “Learning from the Absurd” and his groundbreaking  production of “The Nose” at the Metropolitan […]

  3. International Women’s Day March in Seattle

    On Saturday March 6 we had an amazing march. We walked for over two hours and went to a recruiting station, the King County Jail, the ICE Immigration Center and Seattle Human Services, with a rally/ speaker in front of each place. We ended at Occidental Square where the Duwamish were there in spirit. We […]

  4. Break the Silence Olympia-Rafah Solidarity Mural Project

    These are a few of the leaves on the Olympia Rafah Solidarity Mural Project. It is intended to build solidarity among people globallyTake a look and see below for more information. “If you have come to help me than you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up […]