1. Provence then and now

    In our trip to France, we visited St. Remy (the asylum where Van Gogh painted some extraordinary artworks), this is the view out of his window from his tiny room. It is my perverse nature to begin our trip with a view of his barred bedroom.  The olive trees look just like his paintings. The asylum continues in use […]

  2. Henry Moore, Steve McQueen, "War and the Body" and "War Horse"

    This shadowy photograph shows a sculpture by Henry Moore at the Tate Britain. It is in the permanent collection, not part of their new exhibition of Moore’s sculpture. It represents a sculpture based on one of the shelter drawings from World War II, with its flowing robe and awkward pose, it has been pulled from […]

  3. Two Iraqi artists and one Palestinian artist

    I had the good fortune to meet two Iraqi artists during a brief stay in London. First Hana’ Malallah, whom I have written about on this blog before. She left Baghdad in the fall of 2006, reluctantly driven out by the war. She has been in London for two years now and has a studio where she […]