1. Art and Politics Now goes to publisher

    This is the work of Hana’ Malallah, an artist from Baghdad who is included in my book. The title of the work is “The Looting of the Museum of Baghdad.” Yes, it is really true. My book is about to come out after all these years. You can read more about it on my website, […]

  2. Olivia Bouler and the Gulf Oil Spill

    Eleven year old Olivia Bouler began her presentation at the Audubon Seward Park ” My name is Olivia Bouler, and I am here to tell you that one person can make a difference.” The laid back Seattle audience was not used to such up front assertiveness! Olivia has drawn pictures of birds and raised $150,000. for Audubon to […]

  3. John T Williams Wood Carver Shot by Police

    John T. Williams was a seventh generation wood carver of the Ditidaht Tribe on Vancouver Island. He lived in Seattle, in housing created by the Downtown Emergency Center that understands that just because people have a problem they still need a place to live. John had a problem with alcohol abuse, he had been making his […]

  4. The Confluence Project Story Circles at Sacagawea State Park

    At the dedication of the new Confluence Site in Sacajawea State Park in mid Washington State (now pronounced Sacagawa), Maya Lin is standing in front of drummers from the Confederates Tribes of the Umatilla Indians, at their invitation. It was a thrilling and sacred dedication. There were a lot of eloquent speakers, a trumpet piece, poetry, […]

  5. Backbone Localize This! Action Camp

    The Backbone Campaign sponsored “Localize This!” An art/action camp. Here we are at lunch. We had such a wonderful time. It brought together my three favorite activities, camping, politics, and art. I was only there for two days but it was really intense.  This is Kim Marks. She is part of Earth First, an international […]