1. Amazing Birds

    This is a trumpeter swan flying. They make an amazing sound, which is why they are called trumpeters. The white spots on the ground are more swans.They do an intricate social ritual arching their necks that was fascinating. We saw hundreds of them in the Skagit Valley. As well as hundreds of snow geese and […]

  2. Inscape: Art in a former Immigration Detention Facility

    Inscape was an installation of art in a former immigration facility where people were detained until 2003 when a new and much bigger facility opened in Tacoma. Detention is a private industry that is making big bucks. Perhaps you heard the National Public Radio expose that the new Arizona Immigration Law was written by operators […]

  3. Picasso at the Seattle Art Museum

    The Acrobat, 1930 Courtesy Musee National de Picasso, Paris Finally, I have some time to post a comment on this extraordinary exhibition of Picasso’s art work  “Masterpieces from the Musee National Picasso, Paris, October 8, 2010 – January 17, 2011 at the Seattle Art Museum. For all of us in the United States who have seen the […]

  4. Azar Nafisi in Des Moines Iowa

    When I went to visit my grandchildren in Des Moines Iowa, I was excited to discover that Azar Nafisi was speaking, sponsored by Drake University. She has a new book called Things I Have Been Silent About. And of course she is best known for Reading Lolita in Tehran, perhaps one of the best titles […]