1. Venice Biennale Part 5 Bengladesh

    This pavilion was adjacent to the Iraqi pavilion on Via Garibaldi also in the Foundation Gervasuti. Five artists are included. Each is using a different medium and addressing an entirely different subject. These artists are the contemporary heirs to a long tradition of art in this part of India, as explained in the curatorial statement […]

  2. Venice Biennale Part 4: The Future of a Promise Contemporary Art from the Arab World

    The Future of a Promise Contemporary Art from the Arab world is aesthetically seductive and only occasionally engaged with social issues.

  3. Venice Biennale Part 3: Egyptian Pavilion honors Ahmed Basiony Artist and Activist 1978-2011

    As a direct connection to the popular surge of demand for democracy in the Arab world, the Egyptian pavilion honors young media artist/activist Ahmed Basiony ( 1978 – 2011). He was brutally murdered in Tahrir Square on January 28th, 2011 as he was filming the uprisings. The day before he had been beaten, but had […]

  4. Venice Biennale:Part 2 US Pavilion

      Allora and Calzadilla Track and Field, the upside down Korean war tank Track and Field, the athlete Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla’s multiple installations in the U.S. Pavilion featured an amusing and political conjunction of creative expression and capitalism. Outside the pavilion, a massive upside down tank from the Korean War has a treadmill […]

  5. Venice Biennale 2011 Part I: The Iraqi Pavillion

    I found the Iraqi pavilion at the Venice Biennale, which was located outside the Giardini and Arsenale, area to be riveting. BBC’s prestigious director Alan Yentob, did also, as BBC is making a major documentary about it. Yentob is Jewish Iraqi, growing up in the UK where he came in 1948, a year in which […]

  6. RABIH MROUḖ at INIVA London

    Rabih Mroué─The People are Demanding Rabih Mroué withdrew a work from his one person exhibition at INIVA in London, and left this label instead. “The work I, the Undersigned” was supposed to be here. It is an installation which consists of two monitors and one wall text that draws attention to the intentional disregard of […]

  7. Activists in Syntagma Square

    I have had first hand contact with  young activists in Greece. This was before the big encounters with the police. I am wondering if some of my new friends are involved with the clashes. Apparently they are already involved in a barter economy among some young people. I also saw a huge  march in the streets […]