1. The Pinter Festival at ACT

      This is just a quick acknowledgement of a brilliant playwright and a thank you to the ACT theater for staging a Pinter Festival this summer. Harold Pinter stylistically can be placed between Samuel Beckett and Tom Stoppard in the British Theater. He lived from 1930 – 2008 and received the Nobel Prize for Literature […]

  2. Aborignial Paintings Preserve Ancestral Dreams and Maybe the Future as Well

    Aboriginal Paintings tell us about survival, history, mythology, dreaming, and morality by being part of the natural world

  3. Reading Poetry while on a Camping Trip

    Reading poetry while camping gives me the space to enjoy every word.

  4. A Remarkable First Thursday in Seattle

    First Thursday honored Latino artist at City Hall, Serving Homeless in Pioneer Square, honoring survivors by Nicki Sucec and inspiring homeless youth to creativity.