1. Abounaddara and Syria Freedom Forever: Making visible the ongoing tragedy of Syria:

    Two blogs about Syria make visible with video, drawings, signs, and photographs, the realities for people on the ground as they are on the receiving end of bombs from one country after another.

  2. “¡Presente!: The Young Lords in New York”

    El Presente at El Museo del Barrio features the Young Lords of 1969-71, their activism and their art, a wonderful piece of history.

  3. Art AIDS America at the Tacoma Art Museum on World AIDS Day

    On this World AIDS Day, I offer a review of the comprehensive exhibition at the Tacoma Art Museum, Art AIDS America. It includes 127 works, many media, and a thesis that artists who addressed AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s permanently changed the course of American art by demonstrating strategies to address political issues.