Exhibitions in US Reviews since 1982


Vito Acconci Portable City 1982





Tensions in the Land Lecture Art Critics Association, New York City,1987


Ann Rosenthal and Stephen Moore Infinity City 1994-5


The View from Here 100 Artists Mark the Centennial of Mt Rainier National Park 1999

LillianPitt Warm Springs Oregon 1999

Portland: Voices of Water 2001

An Act of Resistance at Sacred Circle Art Gallery:

Tanis Maria S’eiltin 2002


Gail Tremblay Sacred Circle Art Gallery 2002


Changing models in Public Art, Seattle’s Salmon in the City 2002


Maya Lin Confluence Project 2006


Visualizing the Water Cycle Buster Simpson, Jann Rosen-Queralt, and Ellen Sollod at the Brightwater Treatment System 2016


Ecological Art Perspectives from the Northwest 2016


Maya Lin What is Missing 2016 published in Sculpture Magazine

Break Free From Fossil Fuels Pacific Northwest June 2016

Spirit of Standing Rock


Ray Smith 1993


Prehistoric Palimpsests and Pentimenti Anabel Daou 1996


Women Artists of India: A Celebration of Independence 1998


India, Pakistan and Brazil 2002


Global Conceptualism Points of Origin 1950s to 1980s 2001


Vintage and Contemporary Czech Photography 2001


Intimate Violence Artists Responses to Illegal Detention and Torture, Brown Journal of World Affairs, 2013


Haida Gwaii Charles Edenshaw September 2013


City Dwellers Sept 2014


Tabaimo Utsutsushi utsushi Art Access January February 2017

Tabaimo Leschi Community News

Artists Engage the World December Leschi December 2016


POLITICAL ART ( actually all of my essays are political)


David Alfaro Siqueiros Portrait of a Decade 1930-1940 1998

Lucienne Bloch A Retrospective Mendocino Art Center 1998

Politically Incorrect Outing the Activist Artists 1999

Roger Shimomura 2002

Selma Waldman Profile of the Armed Perpetrator 1998 2003

Enrique Celaya Splinter Return 2006

Dee Dee Faces the Abyss But Still Imagines Utopia 2008 ( Deborah Faye Lawrence)

Art Social Justice and Global Activism 2016

Selma Waldman essay for Seattle Central Community College, Fall 2008

Selma Waldman In Memoriam Raven 2009

Robert Davidson Haida Artist Seattle Art Museum 2014

Haida Gwaii Charles Edenshaw September 2013

Out O Fashion Embracing Beauty Deborarh Willis curator

April 2013



Nancy Graves 1993

Jean Lacy 1996

Kathy Glowen 1998

LillianPitt Warm Springs Oregon 1999

Gloria Bornstein Still Life 2002

Selma Waldman Profile of the Armed Perpetrator 1998 2003

Mary Henry 2003

Maki Tamura 2003

The Dinner Party Global Feminisms Wack Art Book 2008

Adornments, Armor and Amulets: The Astonishing Jewelry of Nancy Worden, 2009

Tatiana Garmendia Epics 2009

Marita Dingus 2003

Dee Dee Faces the Abyss But Still Imagines Utopia 2008

Selma Waldman In Memoriam Raven 2009

The Women are Coming September 2012

Shirin Neshat and Negar Farajani December 2012

Poetry and Fabrics Speak of the Injustices of Slavery Carletta Book of the Bound February 2013

La Toya Ruby Frazier Born By a River June 2014

Barbara Thomas Heaven on Fire Art Access 2016

Deborah Lawrence Strumpet of Justice 2017

Tabaimo Utsutsushi utsushi Art Access January February 2017




Jack Dollhausen 1985

Art_for_the_new_Apocalypse 1985

Art_on_a_Mission 2003

Art_of_Resistance 2004

Global_Art_Coalition 2002

Two Major Collections of African American Art 2001

African_American_Writers_Group 2003


Disability_and_Liberation 2002

Genocide_Trail 2002

Hiphop_at_Womens_Prison 2003

Book Review Ward Churchill The Fight for What is Right 2003

Exhibition Review Palimpsests Sand Point 2002

Nickel and Dimed Theater Review 2002

Outside In Homeless Youth Performance Review 2003

Profile Peggy Weiss Art Program Manager 2003

Remembering the Past Japanese American Incarceration 2002

War Torn Violence Against Women Wing Luke Exhibition 2005

Jacob Lawrence catalog essay for Northwest African American Museum opening exhibition 2008-2009

James W. Washington Jr catalog essay 2008-2009

James W.Washington Jr Painter Activist Sculptor Columbia Magazine Winter 2010


Wing Luke Under My Skin May 2013

Miro, La Ruby Toya, Black Males, March 2014

Chuck Close July August 2016

Donald Byrd and Spectrum Dance Theater and School

March 2016

Mad Art and a Portfolio of Possiblities Jan Feb 2017

Apologies, Memory and Witchcraft ( Akio Takamori,

Lauren Iida, Marita Dingus) April 2017Curator Namita Gupta Wiggers

Everything has been material for scissors to shape 2016

(Stephanie Syjuco, Surabhi Ghosh, and Aram Han Sifuentes,Curator Namita Gupta Wiggers,)


Beyond Aztlan Chicanoa Art in the Pacific Northwest Art Access June 2016

Kehinde Wiley March April 2016









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