Art Exhibitions in the US since 1985


Note: this is only a selection of my art criticism






Art for the New Apocalypse 1985


Ann T. Rosenthal and Stephen Moore, "Infinity City 2001: March 28, 1941", one of eight email editions marking milestones in America's nuclear heritage for the year 2001.


Infinity CIty: Nuclear Bombs, Nuclear History and Postmodern Politics 1994


Masami Teraoka The Culture of the Apocalypse 1997


Warm Springs Oregon: Lillian Pitt: Spirits Keep Whistling Me Home 1999




Portland: The Clement Greenberg Collection and Voices of Water 2001


The View from Here 100 Artists Mark the Centennial of Mt Rainier National Park 1999


An Act of Resistance at Sacred Circle Art Gallery:

Tanis Maria S’eiltin 2002


Changing models in Public Art, Seattle’s Salmon in the City 2002


Maya Lin Confluence Project 2006





Prehistoric Palimpsests and Pentimenti Anabel Daou 1996


Women Artists of India: A Celebration of Independence 1998


India, Pakistan and Brazil 2002


Global Conceptualism Points of Origin 1950s to 1980s 2001


Vintage and Contemporary Czech Photography 2001


Late Modernisms and Post Nationalisms at the 54th Venice BIennale  2011


1930s ART


David Alfaro Siqueiros Portrait of a Decade 1930-1940 1998


Lucienne Bloch A Retrospective Mendocino Art Center








Two Major Collections of African American Art 2001


Rabbits, Cats, Horses and Hello Kitty? Maki Tamura 2003


Mary Henry 2002


Roger Shimomura 2002


Gloria Bornstein Still LIfe at the Seattle Art Museum 2002



Enrique Celaya Splinter Return 2006





Designed Obsolescence Third Floor 2005










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