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  1. Mona Hatoum at the Tate Modern

    Mona Hatoum overtly expresses violence in her early performance works, then through metaphor with minimal materials she brings that sense of threat into our own bodies and lives.

  2. Walid Raad Scratching on Things I Could Disavow

    Walid Raad Scratching on Things I Disavow at the Museum of Modern Art probes the interconnections of art, money, history, in the Middle East, focusing on Saadiyat (Happiness) Island in Dubai.

  3. Abounaddara and Syria Freedom Forever: Making visible the ongoing tragedy of Syria:

    Two blogs about Syria make visible with video, drawings, signs, and photographs, the realities for people on the ground as they are on the receiving end of bombs from one country after another.

  4. “Permanent War: The Age of Global Conflict”

    “Permanent War: The Age of Global Conflict” presents the repeated destruction and instant death enabled by contemporary technology

  5. The Tate Modern “A Chronicle of Interventions” Spring 2014

    Tate Modern London”A Chronicle of Interventions” includes Group Material 1984 Timeline A Chronicle of US Intervention in Central and Latin America.” Other more recent artists from Central America also address colonialism, but with much less passion.

  6. Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline

    Syria Speaks is a profoundly moving new book published by English Pen with a collection of essays, art, and analysis of culture in Syria since the uprising began in 2011.

  7. ANTONI TÀPIES 1923 – 2012

    Antoni Tàpies Catalan Master and political activist throughout his life. His grand and beautiful paintings and material objects always have a subtext of the anguish of the Franco years and concern for the injustice of the wars of the 21st century.

  8. Art and Politics at the Seattle International Film Festival

    Compelling films from Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East as well as two form the US shed light on international politics in intimate ways as a counter to news cliches.

  9. Eleanor Harvey’s groundbreaking exhibition The Civil War and American Art

    What we can learn from this art in the midst of the national trauma of the Civil War : I celebrate Eleanor Jones Harvey interpretations of Civil War paintings and photographs in her excellent exhibition and book “The Civil War and American Art”.

  10. Contemporary Art and Archeology in the Middle East: Crying Caryatids, Flooded Histories, Graffiti, and Puppet Shows

    From flooded sites in Turkey to cartoons in Syria, a look at someaspects of culture in the midst of the political and economic earthquakes in Turkey, Libya, Egypt and Syria.

  11. My imaginary interview with Amy Goodman on Culture and Resistance

    Democracy Now in honor of the New Year had a program called “Culture of Resistance”, but it omitted visual artists and many voices. I wrote an imaginary interview with Amy Goodman to fill the gap.

  12. Rabih Mroué The Pixelated Revolution

    As an artist, Mroué has managed to provide a way into the Syrian nightmare.