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  1. Dmitri Prigov 1940 – 2007 Theater of Revolutionary Action

    Dmitri Prigov, avant garde conceptual artist, in an exhibition in London.

  2. Deborah Faye Lawrence: A Strumpet of Justice tells it like it is

    Deboarah Faye Lawrence’s exhibition at the small and appropriately named Bonfire Gallery surrounds us in an intense way with our brilliant flag collage protests.

  3. Margaret Fuller 1810-1850-From Transcendentalist Philosopher to Investigative Journalist

    Margaret Fuller, pioneering feminist, journalist, philosopher of the Transcendental circle, drowned off the shore of Fire Island in 1850.

  4. “¡Presente!: The Young Lords in New York”

    El Presente at El Museo del Barrio features the Young Lords of 1969-71, their activism and their art, a wonderful piece of history.

  5. A visit to the home of contemporary Turkish Artist Tomur Atagök

    A visit to the home of contemporary Turkish artist Tomur Atagök provided me with new insights into her paintings and collages about politics and nature.


    the subtle and beautiful exhibition “Constructs” at the Wing Luke Museum features interactive installations by Asian Pacific Women Artists ranging from a canvas house to calligraphy carried into the landscapes of Seattle. Each installation is both personal and universal in their implications.

  7. Rameschwar Broota and Nalini Malani at the Kiran Nadar Museum in Delhi

    We can see the state of the earth and our spiritual crisis in the work of Rameschwar Broota and Nalini Malani at the Kirin Nadar Museum

  8. Delhi Feminist Artist Gogi addresses the 2012 Gang Rape of Nirbhaya

    Feminist artist Gogi Saroj Pal based in Delhi addresses violence against women in her new work.

  9. Under my Skin Artists Explore Race in the 21st Century

    Under My Skin Artists Explore Race in the 21st Century at the Wing Luke Museum includes a stimulating and poetic group of worksby 26 artists in many media. IT is not to be missed and more than one visit is neciessary.

  10. Lynn Hershmann Leeson !Women Art Revolution The Movie

    Lynn Hershmann Leeson Women Art Revolution tells the canonical history of US feminist art. Where are the other histories of feminist art?

  11. “New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia+the World” A Symposium in Seattle

    New Geographies of Feminist Art: China, Asia+ the World raises important questions about feminism today and presented some crucial artists.

  12. Women Artists in Seattle Part II

    Women Photographers with roots in South Asia and Afghanistan show challenging work about cultural contradictions and Tanis S’eiltin, Tlinglit installation artist challenges fixed ideas on Indigenous culture.

  13. Feminism 2007

    Feminist Art 2007 A Political Analysis Let us look at the two new feminist exhibitions WACK at the LA County Museum of Art and Global Feminisms at the Brooklyn Museum. To a certain extent the covers of the two catalogs tells us everything that we need to know. On one cover is a detail of […]