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  1. Dmitri Prigov 1940 – 2007 Theater of Revolutionary Action

    Dmitri Prigov, avant garde conceptual artist, in an exhibition in London.

  2. Rural England Survives

    Visiting ancient churches in Suffolk, East Anglia was a delightful change from London.

  3. Migration Then and Now: A European and UK Perspective

    Migration from a European perspective including the Migration Museum, London, Arabella Dorman’s installation and Ai Wei Wei’s film human flow

  4. Anniversary of Russian Revolution Part III: Pussy Riot

    Pussy Riot protest conditions of oppression in Russia and elsewhere.

  5. Anniversary of Russian Revolution Part II: Dostoevsky’s Demons in London

      “Nothing and ever was more unbearable for a man and a society than freedom,” Dostoevsky.   Dostoevsky’s play “Demons” ( also known as the Possessed) put on in the atmospheric old church , St Leonards, in Spitalfields by the Split Moon Theater company also joined in the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian […]

  6. “Red Star Over Russia”

        Art and Politics are everywhere in London at the moment. Whether it is the Imperial War Museum’s Art of Terror, the Migration Museum, an entire wing devoted to Art and Society at the Tate Modern, Red Star Over Russia at the Tate Modern, or the audio tour “The Darks” describing the former prison […]

  7. Hanaa Malallah Part II 2017 Ten Years Later and Thirty Years Ago

    Hanaa Malallah major contemporary Iraqi artist has survived leaving her native country in 2006. She has a new show in London which she now considers her home. Her work from the 1990s was sent by a friend from Baghdad, the work that survived the looting of her home after she left.

  8. Art and Bombs

    August 6 a day to commemorate the most horrifying act of all time, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I am giving you the work of several artists who address these acts from contrasting perspectives as a response to the horrifying comments coming from the President and perhaps for more work to be created on this subject.

  9. Deborah Faye Lawrence: A Strumpet of Justice tells it like it is

    Deboarah Faye Lawrence’s exhibition at the small and appropriately named Bonfire Gallery surrounds us in an intense way with our brilliant flag collage protests.

  10. Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed The exhibition,the poetry and the music

    Immigration: Hopes Realized, Dreams Derailed at the Spaceworks Gallery in Tacoma is an exhibition only one mile from the Northwest Detention Center (until August 17). It is supported by the Washington Arts Commission, Allied Arts Foundation and Humanities Washington

  11. Zhi LIN: In Search of the Lost History of Chinese Migrants and the Transcontinental Railroads

    “Zhi LIN In Search of the Lost History of Chinese Migrants and the Transcontinental Railroads” at the Tacoma Art Museum is a tour de force of research, aesthetics, history, tragedy, and beauty.

  12. Margaret Fuller 1810-1850-From Transcendentalist Philosopher to Investigative Journalist

    Margaret Fuller, pioneering feminist, journalist, philosopher of the Transcendental circle, drowned off the shore of Fire Island in 1850.

  13. Kerry James Marshall Maestro and Shaman

    Kerry James Marshall Retrospective glories in the humanity and history of African Americans, and confronts the prejudices of the white eye, the white museum, the white art history

  14. Benny Andrews: The Bicentennial Series predicts America Today *

    Benny Andrews Bicentennial Series created in the early 1970s predicts the disfunction of our nation today.

  15. Maria De Los Angeles: Artist, Activist, Undocumented

    DACA Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals a program that provides temporary status to young people brought here as children may be cancelled any day. Maria De Los Angeles, a DACA who is not afraid to speak out, addresses the tensions and anxieties of immigrant families in her drawings and performances.

  16. The Artnauts: A Global Collective of Artists for Peace

    The Artnauts, an art collective, travel to places of conflict and collaborate with artists in places such as Palestine, Guatemala, Bosnia, the Amazon, even China.

  17. “Liberty Denied: Immigration, Detention, Deportation” an exhibition

    “Liberty Denied: Immigration, Detention, Deportation” on display at the Museum of Culture and Environment at Central Washington University in Ellensburg features fifteen artists in many media addressing the nightmare of immigration, detention and deportation, some of the political and economic forces that lead to it, as well as the positive contributions that immigrants make to this country.

  18. Constellations (Asterismos) on Amorgos in the Cyclades

    Constellations, (Asterismos) a multimedia arts festival on the remote Cycladic Island of Amorgos is run entirely by volunteers with creative performers donating their time. Now in its fourth year, it gets better every year.

  19. Montmartre!

    Montmartre has a radical history in politics and art. It still retains an independent spirit and atmosphere.

  20. Mona Hatoum at the Tate Modern

    Mona Hatoum overtly expresses violence in her early performance works, then through metaphor with minimal materials she brings that sense of threat into our own bodies and lives.

  21. Break Free From Fossil Fuels Pacific Northwest Anacortes

    Break Free From Fossil Fuels Pacific Northwest a coming together of more than a thousand people, on land and sea, to insist on working together to end the plundering the earth.

  22. “Mood Indigo: Textiles from Around the World”

    Mood Indigo:Textiles from Around the World at the Seattle Asian Art Museum provides provocative juxtapositions of textiles and new perspectives on the color Indigo.

  23. May Day Art and Writing Booth 2016

    May Day Art and Writing Booth “How have Immigration Laws affected you?”