installation Migration Now

Installation Migration Now

installation Migration Now



Most recently I have organized three exhibitions of the Migration Now portfolio by Just Seed Collective and Culture Strike



Irina Crisis

Migration is a lens through which we can interpret contemporary society and the focal point around which so much turns: race and culture, gender and sexuality, class and representation, economics and the natural world; new ideas, bad ideas, the harshest cruelty and the most open arms.

The exhibit features visual art that addresses issues such as detention; the hazards of borders for humans, birds and animals; the separation of families; LGBT rights; and the problems of corporate control of detention.

Mark Auslander in exhibition of Migration Now

Mark Auslander in exhibition of Migration Now

In addition I curated an exhibition “Migration” at the Columbia City Gallery with three artists, Cecilia Alvarez, Tatiana Garmendia and Deborah Faye Lawrence May 20 – July 5, 2015

Cecilia Alvarerz presenting her work in Migration (1280x853)












One Year Later, an exhibition of 2D, 2D and interactive artworks—including sound, film and writing


September 23 -October 15, 2002


After September 11, 2001, the Global Arts Coalition, a group of Seattle artists and writers, started to explore ways to respond to the WorldTradeCenter bombing and its aftermath. We met weekly to discuss the role of the arts in a time of crisis. After a year we held an exhibition.

Susan Platt and Henry Matthew AntiWarProphylactic see bibliography for quotes

This is the “Anti War Prophylaxis” that Henry Matthews and I created at the entrance of the exhbiition. The column held a collage of book covers by major authors and a map with quotations from the authors about the crisis in the places identified on the map. All of the books were available for viewing in the gallery. An annotated bibliography with all the quotes was also available for people to take home.  Here it is GACBibliography with citation


Here are some of the Global Arts Coalition Exhibiting Artists:


Express Yourself Lou Cabeen and Karla Freiheit

Lou Cabeen and Karla Freiheit “Express Yourself: What’s Your View on Global Events”*


Alice Dubiel image of bleeding rivers was emphasizing both the enironmental toll of war and the suffering of the people of Iraq. This work was made in 2002 before the Iraq war even started and it could not be more accurate as the years have gone by.


Alice Dubiel Resistance Resilience





John Feodorov Angels with Crosses and Bullets



Karla Freiheit Plowshares into Swords



Lucie Harrison” Meditations for Peace 2001” book art. This piece was destroyed in a fire in the artist’s studio not long after.


Lucia Harrison Meditations for Peace



Eddie Hill’s three paintings are about the contradictions of the military.


Eddie Hill


Deborah F. Lawrence comments on some of the roles of women caught up in the public propaganda of corporations, politicians and religions.

Deborah F. Lawrence Globalized Women Sevice Trays



Leonard Rifas Prototype Virtual Landscape Rifas is a cartoonist who imagined the dropping of a bomb on the site of the exhibition


Leonard Rifas, Prototype Virtual Landscape

Gail Tremblay’s Collateral Damage spoke of the present in 2002 and still speaks of the present today.

Gail Tremblay Collateral Damage

Gail Tremblay Collateral Damage

Selma Waldman Messenger Masks were used in performance and protests in the street against the Israeli Occupation of Palestine. Selma Waldman is the subject of a memorial exhibition cited on this website.


Selma Waldman Messenger Masks