The New Agit Prop Artists Expose Political Fictions” A CAA panel


Left to Right front Christopher Moore, Deborah Lawrence, Mike Alewitz, Ann Rosenthal, Back Row left to right Pam Allara, John Jota Leaños , Susan Platt

This was the title of a session at the College Art Association that included myself, Deborah Lawrence, Christopher Moore, John Jota

Leaños, Mike Alewitz, Pamela Allara, and Ann Rosenthal. I have an audio file of the entire session, but apparently it is too big for this site. I am going to try to extract some of it.  Here is a picture of us at the end of the panel. It was an exciting series of presentations.

Here are two audios of presentations

Mike Alewitz

Pam Allara

Here is my introduction in power point. The New Agit Prop Artists Expose Political Fictions