Art Exhibitions Outside the US




Contemporary Art in Istanbul 1999


Dokunma 1999


Tomur Atagök Goddess Series 2000


Staged Sanctity Inci Eviner 2000


Tomur Atagök Games Toys Chidren War Love 2000


Sirin Iskit 2001


As You See Me But I am Not Contemporary Turkish Women Aritsts catalog essay  2001


Digestible Other  2003


Dangerous Things 2003


Public Politics and Domestic Rituals 2003


Dispatch Istanbul 2004


From Utopian Hopes to Political Reality Two Exhibitions in Istanbul  2011



Istanbul Biennial 2015 published March 2016 Sculpture Magazine



NGO_Conference_in_China 1995

Cuban Art in Canada 1997



New_Art_in_China 1998

Myth, Politics and Gender in Contemporary Art by Women in India, 1998


Cai Guo Qiang   * exhibition in Vancouver B.C. 2002


Word into Art Artists of the Modern Middle East 2006


Art and Politics in the Middle East Fictionalized Histories and Delusional Modernisms 2006


Out of Beirut (unpublished 2006)


Protesting Artists, Arresting Art: The Venice Biennale 2011


Late Modernisms and Post Nationalisms at the 54th Venice BIennale Art Dish July 2011 2011


Art in Cuba Now Part I Capitalism and Battista Redux  2012


Art in Cuba Now Part II: Poetic Pragmatism 2012

Liverpool Biennial Exhibition Review 2012


Haida Gwaii Tradition Resurrected 2013


Newtopia:Artists Address Human Rights in From Guernica to Guggenheim, Center for Basque Studies, 2015


Art Social Justice and Global Activism 2016